We want to provide secure solutions for the transmission of data, voice or video for journalists and other vulnerable groups in hostile environments around the world.

Safepress is a repository of resources that aid journalists and reporters in continue doing their job in the most secure way possible.Eventually, we will develop and release a platform that puts together a typical newsroom workflow and the digital security measures we are researching.

Resources - Mobile apps

We have tested a lot of mobile apps, these are the most secure ones.

Name Description Recommended for Auth and Crypt Secure Keys/Tokens Lost or stolen Pros Vs.
Telegram A message system which has a lot of features. It allows you to attach photos, videos, location, contacts and documents and send them in a secure way. Telegram can be the default communication system, it perfectly substitutes Whatsapp, iMsg and BBM. MTProto, 2 auth keys. AES-256 encryption for the messages. No Yes Very secure. Peer-to-peer secret chats. Doesn't allow peer-to-group secret messages.
Surespot A message system that allows you to create multiple identities and it doesn't relay on your address book. It is the equivalent for chats of signing PGP Keys IRL. Whistleblowing, sensitive info. AES-256 with 512bit keys Yes Yes You control who you want to invite and send them an email or a QR code, you necesarily need to know the person. Awkward UI
Chatcrypt Chatcrypt performs a military-class AES-256 CTR encryption on chat messages, thus no one can read them except the participants that know the same password. General messaging, whisltleblowing, sensitive info. AES-256 CTR encryption + user password Yes Yes The chat participants need share the password Proof-of-concept

Resources - Research


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